Ladies First

Connecting & planning for the future


Today, girls throughout the country continue to face real and profound challenges. One in six girls will not finish high school. One in four girls experiences sexual abuse or assault by age 17. And the United States continues to have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world. We also know girls in the U.S. are uniquely affected by poverty. Girls in high-risk communities face stunning exposure to violence, victimization, and sexual assault. Without adequate support, victims too often become offenders – girls may respond to trauma and violence with behaviors that result in their involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Ladies First began in 2000, by six moms looking to build a village that would inspire and support their daughters from Middle School through College. Over the years their daughters invited their friends and they invited friends and Ladies First blosgrew.   

Program Goals

  • Make decisions and set goals, keep motivated and focused on her goals.

  • Improve in school.

  • Nurture her confidence, self‐esteem and mental health.

  • Listen to her and help her solve her problems.

  • Introduce her to new ideas, activities, and opportunities.

  • Prepare her for college or other training.

  • Explore career possibilities.

  • Meet successful people.

  • Learn basic finance skills, banking, credit management, how to get a job, buy a car, and apply for school tuition assistance.

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