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The Elite Skills Academy was founded in 2009, and has provided mentoring and elite skills athletic development and training.  The program has served over 200 young male athletes from middle school to college, and even into the professional ranks. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic sent athletes home from the field, players of all ages and levels were left unable to practice or play sports for months—some were even forced to retire early. For many players, leaving a sport also means leaving behind a set of routines, access to a support system, and a sense of identity.  Sports undoubtedly dominate a player’s lifestyle. Without the opportunity to play, many athletes are left with confusion, anxiety, and grief over the lifestyle they lost.

But athletic careers aren’t just for players who pursue professional sports. “The term career is not simply a job or occupation. It is an individual’s journey through life,” said Dr. Michele Kerulis, member of  Counseling@Northwestern’s core faculty and member of the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry.

Elite Skills wants to help these high school athletes understand that when they leave competitive sports they have the skills college programs want in their students and employers want in their employees. Below are skills you developed as a student-athlete that will help you market yourself as an excellent candidate in whatever career you pursue after sport.

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Transferable Skills:






Time Management


Performing Under Pressure

Effective Communicaton

Goal Setting

Work Ethic

Conflict Resolution

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